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Æ Web Store – It’s FIXED!

So my website’s been busted for nearly a month. Long, dull story – I’ll spare you. BUT! It’s back!! I have SO MANY new designs to upload and I can’t wait for you to see them all!! There’s a pile of new wolf fur pieces, lynx styles, marten, beaver and my favourite – the red fox. Just wait. It’s going to blow you away. And what’s even better, I’ll send your goodies to pretty much anywhere Canada Post will deliver.

Of course, if you haven’t already checked out all of the newest goodies on my Instagram, I highly suggest you do so. If you spot something there that isn’t yet listed on the website, just message me and I can pop it into the mail for ya!

OH! And the store has been the funnest thing ever. Horwoods Mall is a fun and busy little place. There’s always faces I haven’t seen in forever and almost everyone I see is just so darned happy! I hope you’ll be one of them. It is a bit tricky to find me, however. If you don’t use the Front Street entrance much, it’s easy to miss. I’m literally right beside the Passport place. I have so much to show you!!


2 thoughts on “Æ Web Store – It’s FIXED!

  1. I am trying to reach you about earrings I purchased when I was visiting White Horse. They have already fallen apart and I am very disappointed. Your website wasn’t up earlier and I don’t see how to email you directly. I am from SF and you and I had a long conversation about how you stand by your products. Thanks, Elizabeth

    1. Hi Elizabeth, My apologies for the site being down! I’m so sorry to learn that your earrings have come apart. Please email me at and we can make arrangements for you to send them back to me for repair! I absolutely will fix them and return them to you as quickly as possible.

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