Exercise 1.2

Continuous Line Drawing

Continuous line drawing is a fun challenge in that it forces one to either plan ahead with regard to each gesture of the pen so as to only make marks that translate into an identifiable shape as intended or to be fast thinking enough to improvise if a line must occur in places that doesn’t belong. 

Using prompt words to inform the experimentation of this exercise, I selected tools such as graphite sticks to illustrate “dry”, Micron fineliner pen to illustrate “delicate” and “multiple”, and the Tombow brush pen to illustrate “soft”. Each drawing was of an ulu (Inuit women’s skinning knife) but made a point of changing the perspective with each drawing so as to challenge my eyes to tell my hands to draw what they see rather than what they know. 

This exercise challenged me to observe and record characteristics of various kitchen tools with an approach of forethought and innovation. Most lines travelled with deliberateness and few “back tracks” had to happen that weren’t anticipated. This was a really fun exercise and I’d like to explore this kind of illustrating more deeply. I like the simplicity as well as the planning ahead/going with the flow juxtaposition.