Exercise 1.3

Drawing blind and from memory.

In this exercise, I had five minutes to fill the sheet as much as I could, repeating the drawing but while looking at the item and not at the page. This was an interesting experience in that it required me to pay attention to both the item and how the gestures of my hand *might* be rendering the shape. In a few of the drawings, the shape of scissors is somewhat discernible but not completely. I repeated this with nail trimmers and had a similar outcome. I’m pleased with my experience of both. 

In the portion of the exercise that demanded that I work solely from memory, I began very confident. I had made a point of observing elements of the scissors that I was concerned that I’d forget but that confidence quickly faded as the movements of my hand indicated that there were still many details I’d overlooked. While this illustration is much more obviously a pair of scissors than the blind illustrations, it is still imperfect but I’m learning to be ok with that. 

This wasn’t a very cumbersome exercise but it did create plenty of opportunity to rethink my approach to drawing. Much like with the right hand/ left hand exercise, this one opened my mind a bit further and allowed me to explore illustration in a way that led to some very interesting discoveries. Allowing my senses to communicate with one another is at the root of seeing an item and drawing it with any degree of success.