Exercise 4.1

Making a Sketchbook

The brief for this exercise indicates that this work is meant to happen at a fast pace. I found that parts of this were fast while others were a little less so. However, the construction of the concertina sketchbooks was simple and satisfying. I can definitely see myself making these again in the future. In my excitement to start this project, I wanted to render the recollections of the trip with greater accuracy than my memory could provide on its own so I referenced photos from a trip to the Bahamas in February of 2019. Each panel tells the story of being on an actual deserted island in the middle of the Caribbean where lemon sharks, sting rays, and sea turtles were our only company…that and the occasional iguana or anole. 

In preparation for the next part of the exercise, I re-read the brief and saw that I ought to use maybe some of the India inks from the initial mark-making exercises so I looked about my desk and took the viewer on a journey of my work space. Using several different thicknesses of brushes, I illustrated the various items found on the surface around me. I also used the ink in various intensities in the hopes of showing depth and shadow. I also did experiment with looser mark making and pairing it with finer, more detailed marks. 

After looking at the two sketchbooks, I felt there was more I could do with the pages so I made a third book and walked around my studio/apartment and illustrated the various perspectives and items that make the space one where I am comfortable to create and get quiet with my thoughts and inspiration. I used coloured pencils which I have to say was underwhelming. I use this media somewhat regularly and I expected to be able to do more with the pencils. While the illustrations are fairly clear and understandable, they don’t please me nearly as much as the previous two books.