Exercise 2.1

Preparation and Research

So in getting started with this exercise, I went straight to Pinterest to do my research. Some time ago, I began collecting images of collage artists’ work that resonated with my aesthetic. I was initially very resistant to being fully immersed in this part of the course because I’ve never really liked collage. But, it turns out, I’ve just never come across collage work that I liked AND my assumptions about collage were very narrow and limiting. After exploring the work of some of the artists below, I learned that there are different approaches to collage and that I actually quite liked it, especially when used in conjunction with negative space. 

Carole Ballereau

One of the first Tea Time images that got me excited was this tea pot and cups image. I’m really interested in the simple shapes, the fact that the teapot extends beyond the boundaries of the page and the wildly disproportionate scale of the pot versus the cups. Very whimsical style and colours and imagery that I like. 

Image Source : Carole Ballereau 

Clare Owen

One of the things that I love the most about this work is the simplicity of the shapes and their ability to communicate clearly the intended message. The limited colour palette also excites me very much. It is evident that the materials used in this work is very much like the materials I have access to for this exercise. I particularly like the use of the printed papers almost as much as I like the minimal doodles on the solids to convey the floral motifs.

Image Source : Clare Owen

Giochi Di Carta

After looking around at a wild assortment of collage, paper cut, and torn paper styles of illustrating, it has become very clear to me that the simpler, cleaner design styles really appeal to me and are the ones that excite me about this part of the course. These kinds of illustrations inspire and challenge my thinking in that they are SO clean and SO simple. They make me eager to dig out the supplies. 

Image Source : Giochi Di Carta

Sally Payne 

This right here is how my creative brain really begins firing. Simple shapes, varied papers, and imagery that is clear and easy to understand. This is brilliant. I love it. 

Image Source : Sally Payne

I had some really negative assumptions about collage. In my experience, the cluttered style of collage that I’d seen previously used magazine photos and was chaotic and disorganized. Overstimulating and busy. These works are clean, quiet, and soothing for my eye and my mind. These kinds of images please me and are illustrations that I could see myself making and loving. 

These two collections of double sided papers are leftovers from my days of being a mom of small kids are spending hours upon hours scrapbooking their lives. These papers are two different collections that I think will work well for the exercises ahead.