Exercise 1.4

Final Drawing Selection

In having reviewed my work from this part of the course, I ascertained that I had come to know my tools a little bit more and was ready to explore illustrating lifelike items in a more meaningful way. I was keen to spend time really observing the details and communicating from my eyes to my hands. 

After creating a pull-back view of the items in my overnight bag, I was drawn to one item in particular, my anxiety medication. It was a really interesting exercise to focus on one item from the collection and to illustrate it on its own. It’s no accident that this image is so small on the page – it speaks to how anxiety affects so many, including myself. 

My takeaway from this final exercise was that by spending time exploring line and individual mark making materials, I was able to develop a better understanding of what each item can do and that absolutely allowed me to translate what I saw onto the paper while communicating a very clear message. Feeling confident and inspired.