Wolf Blonde Giant Hoops


Wanting something a little “EXTRA”, these hoops came into being. They are a statement, that’s for sure. The large silver plated hoop measures 2″ across and with the addition of fur, you will have earrings measuring upwards of 6″ diameter but the best part is that they weigh next to nothing! The stainless steel ear post locks securely in place with the latch at the back which means these babies won’t snag on your favourite winter scarves. They might even keep your face a little warm (that makes them practical!)

The exact colour of fur and/or leather in the pair that is selected for your order may vary from those shown. This is the result of working with natural materials. Also, the volume of the fur on your particular item may be a little different. These slight differences in character are how you know each piece is unique and created just for you.

Please know that whenever we create a pair of anything (earrings, cufflinks, etc.) we cut both pieces of fur from the exact same spot so we can match both items as much as is possible, however, there will always be differences – sometimes imperceptible, sometimes obvious. This is always regarded as an attribute.

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Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 7 × 5 × .5 in


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