Copper Ear Climbers


On-trend and honestly the easiest things to wear. Hook them into your lobes like any other hook style earring (with the long end to the front of the ear) and swing the long end up toward the top of your ear. There is a left and right earring but you’ll figure it out when you put them in. While everyone’s ears are a slightly different shape, every effort is made to ensure a fairly universal curve to the earrings.

Copper will patina (darken) over time and is to be expected. This is part of the beauty of using natural materials and will add a desirable character to your unique piece. If you wish to gently polish your necklace, a soft polishing cloth is recommended. Do not use harsh chemicals as that can damage the surface of the metal. Please do take care to be gentle when doing so to avoid bending or misshaping the pendant.

Note that there is a corresponding necklace and bracelet in this collection.

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Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 5 × 7 × .5 in


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