Lynx Copper Pom Earrings


This design, the copper pom, is the classic design that was the starting point for our entire collection of fur jewelry. My partner, George is our primary fur harvester and supplier. He is Tlingit – one of the First Nations in the Yukon and Alaska – and in his culture and other First Nations cultures, copper is a symbol of wealth. The cone shape is popular ornamentation worn on the regalia of his people. I honour him, his invaluable contribution to the work we do together and to his culture by using these cones in a contemporary way.

The exact colour of fur and/or leather in the pair that is selected for your order will vary from those shown. This is the result of working with natural materials. Also, the volume of the fur on your particular item will be a little different. These slight differences in character are how you know each piece is unique and created just for you.

Please know that whenever we create a pair of anything (earrings, cufflinks, etc.) we cut both pieces of fur from the exact same spot so we can match both items as much as is possible, however, there will always be differences – sometimes imperceptible, sometimes obvious. This is always regarded as an attribute.

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